Fictional Random Notes-The Name “Phantalleum”

The -leum in the term “Phantalleum” means alloy, thus it literally means “alloy as made first by (Cinciral) Phantal”. Cinciral is the first person who made the alloy. Also, the phantalleum plane of existence is named as such because of the alloy is naturally found in the plane at unusually abundant amount and is used as construction material when metals are required. It also originally means worlds with multiple planes of existence.


Page 0-Work Rant & Xiovias

This is my new personal blog, so I might as well introduce myself. My real name is a privacy of mine, but you can always refer me as Murazrai. I’m 24 years old, Male and currently working as a admin clerk in a bakery supply shop. Despite being a relatively easy job than my previous job as a store worker, I feel less satisfied with it, though I’ll stick with this job, perhaps until I retire.

Despite technically I’m an admin clerk, I was told that I am not fit for this job and I was instead assigned for various tasks that my boss told me to do. So far, I am have to do  receiving work for my immediate superior who is the purchaser for the kitchen department, manage my company’s official website, Facebook and Twitter, aid my HR admin and manage the store room along with the mostly foreign staffs working there. Does these things can be rolled into a job? I might as well a special operations officer.

This is the least of my problems. The animosity between the local and foreign workers irks me as well. The foreign workers complain that the local workers asking them to do too much work than what they can handle, yet the local workers complain that the foreign workers are not working enough. To me, both sides are at a fault, but they only blame the others without realizing their own mistakes.

Finally, there’s the work culture. It is a very sickly problem that perhaps prevalent in the entire humanity. I do not get why people are happy about dining events. Serious, it’s just gathering at a place, eat together and go back. I could just spend a few coins, buy some biscuits, finish it in one go and enjoy it a lot more.  It’s a big waste of time and money. Why bother? But my elder sister who works on the same company said to me, “You think that it is pointless? You might as well not working!” Wait. What the fucking hell? Do you imply that it is abnormal for me to hate this sort of event? By the way, saying that this is a reward for hard work, morale boost and coworker cohesion is an insult of my work ethics. I don’t need to be rewarded at all for me to boost my morale, non-work events are an insult to my hard work and true cohesion has to be achieved through work itself. Say anything you want, but I am sticking with this. I need some way to vent this out once this (lots of swear words) event is over.

By the way, I am ready to write Xiovias once August starts and hopefully I can complete it as I personally scheduled.