Random Fictional Notes – Table Manners

Table manners in a lot of planets are very loose by Earth standards to the point that Earth visitors considered their eating barbaric. Their response is that Earthlings are foolishly arrogant and elitist on this matter and making eating unnecessarily complicated. Plus, a common motto with regards of eating culture is “there is no wrong way of eating”. However, even in planets where table manners are practiced Earthlings are weirded by the difference. Among the common table manners which are considered rude by Earthlings are:

  • Bread must be soaked in soup/sauce/flavoring before being eaten.
  • Cup must not leave the table ground when drinking and spoon are used instead.
  • All meats must be completely cut before eating.
  • Leftover sauce/soup on plates must be left as they are.
  • Ball shaped foods must be stabbed using forks before cut using knifes.
  • Specific cutlery has to be knocked onto plates to call someone for a very specific purpose, knocking on a glass mouth using a spoon to request a refill being common.

As a result, extraterrestrials visiting Earth are advised to avoid restaurants and eat at low class eateries such as hawker stalls and convenient shops.



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