Random Fiction Notes – Swiping Move

In both Chaos Fighters: The Second Awakening and Phantalleum battle terminology, swiping means any scratching attack which results from moving a weapon on a target at direction perpendicular to how the weapon is aligned. They are one of the most effective ways to break fabric based armor and create or cause intense pain to the target, but when used against metal armor the weapon could break if done at inaccurate range. However, with extreme accuracy, it can scratch armor and create weakspots for further attacks, especially to prevent weapon jams when slashing through enemy armor. Weapons with plus or cross shaped edges cannot swipe as per definition.

Swords designed specifically for this purpose would be square shaped for wider scratching coverage. Some of them even have fine points at the end edges. However, using such technique requires intense training and understanding of how attack ranges work or such attacks will either miss or break the weapon.


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